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Best SMS Bomber Apps for Android Phones

Best SMS Bomber Apps 2018

Pranks are another form of a long-lasting friendship. If you are one of those who likes pranking your friends, you would definitely want to try out the Best SMS Bomber Apps. As the name itself should be indicative enough, these apps tend to flood the victim with a huge number of SMSs. The app will send repeated SMSs to the victim’s inbox and flood it. Ideally, you should not use those apps for disturbing anyone unnecessarily but opt for it only for annoying or playing pranks with your friends. What are they and how they work? Let us check out a few top SMS Bomber apps in this compilation.

SMS Bomber – What Is It?

An SMS Bomber is an app that floods the SMS inbox of your friends. Also known as SMS Flooder, Phone Bomber or Text Bomb – the apps are best suited for playing pranks with your friends and colleagues. However, there are a few apps in the genre that may or may not work at all times. Choosing the one that works perfectly is a tough task in its own right. That is precisely why we have listed out the best SMS Bomber apps for your needs.

However, please note that the SMS Bombers should not be confused with the Bulk SMS Services. The Bulk SMS Services send genuine messages and are a means of communication for the online businesses. On the other hand, the SMS Bombers are used for the purpose of pranking.

Types of SMS Bombers

The SMS Bombers are available in two different versions. You can either opt for the web-based variant of the tool or go with the standalone apps that would reside on your smartphone.

The SMS Bombers in the form of an app can be the best you can go with. In fact, there are several apps that come under the genre. The number of web-based SMS Bombers are quite limited and it may or may not work in many cases. It may be one of the reasons why we would prefer App Based  SMS Bomber services.

The Best SMS Bomber Apps Of 2018 You Can Go With

  • SMS Blast
  • SMS Repeat
  • Crazy SMS
  • TXT Blast

There are several apps that offer you SMS Bombing services. But, not all of them are perfect in what they work in. Most of the times, these apps may or may not work. They may work most of the times, but it may not work at times though.

We looked through the options available and chose the five best options you may give a try to. Check out these options and opt for the best that meets your needs.

1. SMS Blast

This is, in fact, the best SMS Bomber you may go with. It can be used to send multiple SMS messages to almost anyone. You can send any number of apps without issues at your operator charges.

The Features

  • You can use it to send messages through three different modes – Text Blast, SMS Blast and SMS Mine. The SMS Blast lets you specify the number of messages and the time delay between them.
  • The Text Blast mode lets you send messages on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media sites.
  • The SMS Mine is an option that would aid you to reply to the incoming messages. You can specify a particular frequency and save it.

The advantages of SMS Blast lie in its simple interface and functionality. Get it from Google Play Store and get the best features on offer for you.

SMS Blast SMS Bomber



2. SMS Repeat

Looking for a simple app that would help you send SMS repeatedly? SMS Repeat is indeed one such excellent option that – true to its name – sends a message again and again with an aim to annoy the recipient.

The Features 

  • You can send the same message over and again.
  • You may send the templated messages or your specifically created messages.
  • One tap sending option that simplifies your task.

The major advantage that the tool comes with its simple interface and the smaller footprint.

SMS Repeat SMS Bomber



3. Crazy SMS

Yet another simple SMS Bomber app you can rely upon, Crazy SMS quite easy to work with. It can send a practically unlimited number of messages repeatedly.

The Features

  • You can specify the number of messages to be sent.
  • It can send the same message repeatedly depending upon the specifications you have configured
  • You may press the home button in the midst of sending the messages to stop sending the repeated messages.

The SMS App is one of the best in terms of sending prank SMSs in an easier and simpler manner.

Crazy SMS Bomber



4. TXT Blast

Yet another simplest tool you can make use of if you want to prank your friends. The functionality is quite simple and easy to use. Launch the app, enter the recipient’s number, the number of times you want to send the messages, enter the message and send it in. As simple as that!

The Features

  • You can send multiple messages using the standard rates of your operator.
  • Send more than one text message in a single click.
  • Send bulk messages without any hassles and specify the number of the times you want to send the message.

You will indeed love the simplicity and ease of use that the SMS Bomber app will offer you.

TXT Blast SMS Bomber



Is It Safe to Use SMS Bomber?

Well, as long as you are not violating any privacy or other guidelines, it should not be a concern to use SMS Bomber and it should be completely safe. However, make sure you are not using those tools for a person you do not know or opting for the tool with a purpose of taking revenge.

As long as you are not harming anyone, it should be perfect opting for these tools and opting for a little prank for time being.

Is there Any Way you Can Safeguard Yourself from Bombing?

Well, yes. There are a few options you may use for staying safe from being attacked with those SMS Bombings on your mobile number in general. Apps that help you identify the unknown callers and SMS can be quite helpful in these situations.

Truecaller is one such tool that can help you detect the sender’s name and identity when these contacts are not saved on your phone. But not only that, you can even block right away those spammy SMS Flooding and SMS Bombing. Use it once and you will indeed find yourself saved from being affected by SMS Bombing.

App Name: Truecaller
File Name: com.truecaller.apk
Version: 9.13.7
Category: Communication
Updated: 15th August 2018
File Size: 22.09 MB

Concluding On The Best SMS Bomber Apps Of 2018

That is all we have for now when it comes to SMS Bombers for your requirements. Please note that these apps should only be used for the purpose of pranks. Using them with the purpose of hurting someone is completely illegal.

Like SMS Bombers, you may also opt for Call Bombers which can be the call equivalent of the SMSs. You may also opt for it and use it to further annoying your friends. Yes, ensure that you are not opting for it to disturb anyone.

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