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Tor Released Revamped Next Gen Onion Browsing System


What is Tor Alpha Series?

Most people are familiar with Tor’s Onion browser, simply TOR browser. Tor’s major power in securing the internet access via their own Onion Routing system and so-called TOR Network. Now, Tor networks are being used by many public entities, organizations from different countries, its no longer been a safe network. As there were many news articles stating that TOR had left footprints by which the users got caught explicitly.

So, overcome these situations, TOR developing a new series of their hidden services with refreshed algorithms, all new servers and with new routing techniques.


New Security And Updates In Tor Alpha

Internet security, privacy, and data theft are being the biggest issues in these days. Tor was one of the best reliable services to hide from the radar easily. While other VPN’s, proxies, and socks were just framed as a namesake privacy attribution, though they are much secured from other services.

Tor was so understanding about their users and the usage. They are being little late in updating their old domains, servers etc which led to major data breaches and leaks, in turn, made users, media agencies, and other news portals go wild and disbelieving the TOR network.

Finally, Tor took one big leap and announced Tor Alpha, all-new Onion services. WIth their new onions, new features got included such as offline keys, cutting-edge crypto algorithms, advanced client authorization, improved guard algorithms, secured location data, and other statistics.

Redesigned Directory System

With all newly redesigned directory system helps getting rid of information leaks and data theft. In the Old Onion system, there was a probability of networks knowing about your onions and your data. Whereas in this New Alpha Onion tor network system update, such possibilities are negligible and are impossible on the note.

New Features Are Yet To Come!

We will add the new features once they get added to the beta version and also if beta goes public. As of now, Tor released for beta testing with few bug fixes. They have also released few stable version releases such as,,,,

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