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Why Email Archiving Solutions is Important for Businesses?

Why email archiving solutions is important for businesses

What is Email Archiving?

Today email is the lifeblood of most businesses. When it works well your company thrives but when it goes wrong everyone suffers. Unfortunately, many companies face a scenario that’s growing worse by the day. Email problems are damaging their productivity and there’s a growing risk of an email meltdown. Email backup is also not the right choice for any business.

This is because of the increasing demand for email and their growing reliance on PST files. When PST files grow too large they can become volatile and corrupt easily. Trying to recover files is a huge time consuming for it meant that often ends in failure. Companies of any size may end up breaking the law if they fail to store email securely. But try to manage countless PST files scattered across your organization can prove impossible.

VST’s create other problems too that further drain resources and harm productivity, exchange servers slow down as email usage grows leading to mailbox quotas being forced on frustrated users. Searching for all the emails stored on PST files can be painfully slow but when an exchange goes down users lose any access to their emails or even stops, its a nightmare to even think.

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Why Email Archiving Solutions are Important for Businesses in 2020?

Exchange 2010 offers some answers with its own archiving tools but you only get these with the high-end version of exchange and the features are very limited. There’s a better alternative, email archiving can be deployed as a stand-alone software solution. An email archiving solution can automatically archive all your emails as they are sent and received and store everything centrally in one place in a local server or in the cloud, based on the email archiving service you pick.

Email archiving differs from a traditional email backup solution because it allows you to find messages very quickly and easily, you don’t need to waste hours or days through backup media in fact some archiving solutions even enable employees to search quickly for themselves.

Such a solution is economical with space as emails can be compressed and deduplicated you can reduce spending on extra storage and avoid having bulky PST files that slow down systems performance and productivity gradually. What’s more, employees can benefit from unlimited mailbox sizes.

Email archiving also helps you fulfill your legal obligations, especially if they can be saved in a tamper-free manner and if there’s a legal investigation at any time mail archiving enables you to find exactly what you need instantly.

In summary email archiving is ideal if you want:

  • A substantial boost in productivity
  • Improve the performance of your exchange server
  • Less time wasted on cumbersome PST files
  • A trusted and reliable solution for keeping messages secure and accessible

A list of best email archiving solutions with software reviews will be added soon here.

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