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Advertisement And Partnership Opportunities

Every business and startup do need a significant amount of promotion, influence & potential audience. We provide reasonable advertisement offers to our clients who are really into growing their businesses.

We believe in our customers in their business models and products with sheer enthusiasm and total respect. We believe that supporting a client and their product in an unbiased way is the best way to promote them and also the best way to be transparent to Tech Specie’s audience.

We here love to be your business partners for as long as you provide the best quality and products which are so close to our viewers. We take active steps to provide our clients the best service they would always like it and willing to be partnered with us again and again.

Sponsored Blog Posts And Product Reviews

This is probably one of the most successful advertising options on our blog.

The articles are written by our very own intellectual content writers very comprehensively taking care of all key factors. We will be promoting those posts in all our social media pages. (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Mix, etc )

All the views expressed in the article will be solely dependable on our perspective and obviously which is unbiased. We will provide review/post with pictures/screenshots and with all other required add-ons.

In these articles/review posts, we will use our affiliate links wherever possible and the article/review post links directed to you will be No Follow (Do Follow cost extra bucks).

Especially for product & application reviews: We do product review very well, but you need to send a sample of the product or application for the case study and research which would help me to compose the article at its best.

We will patiently research about the product/App to know about it in depth. Then we will perform our tests and will review exclusively with all the results and everything in that post.

Ad Banners

If you want to promote your service/product through our blog, we allow placing banners or links in the appropriate position which can help you to get maximum exposure of the traffic we receive.

Banners are allowed in Sidebar, Header right, In between post, etc

Price will be different for different ad placement and also for the duration of an ad to be placed.

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