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Sites like 123Movies – List Of 123Movies Alternatives

Sites like 123Movies

Movies have always impressed us being more than regular human beings. In fact, they have come a long way in being what they were a few years ago. They are capable of provoking people’s emotions and guiding them in the right directions. That can precisely explain our active interest in movies and our visits to the screens to watch our favorite movies. But, given the hectic lifestyle, which has become in the modern times it is not entirely possible to visit movie screens both regarding money and time. That is where sites like 123movies come to the fore. Yes, these are the best alternative options to watch your favorite movies and shows from the comforts of your home.

What Are Sites like 123Movies is all about?

Well, as you might have already come across sites like 123movies. It is a service that lets you watch movies and TV shows of your interest without the need to visit the screens far away. You would be able to watch the shows on your laptop or PC with ease.

What makes 123Movies, even more, an interesting option is the HD quality that it offers for the shows in its database. It has grown to be one of the most popular services with its rich database of movies and TV shows. And yes, the services are available all over the globe – whether you are in Asia, the US or in Africa.

Sites like 123Movies – Watch Movies Online

123Movies is indeed one of the most popular movies streaming service. But that does not mean it is the only service that excels in what it does. Several alternatives work on the same model as 123Movies, where you can also watch movies online for free 123.

We are not saying that 123Movies lacks in anything that it offers. However, just in case you are not able to find something that interests you on 123Movies, you do have alternatives. We will list out some of the top 123Movies alternatives for the benefit of our readers.

Rainierland Movies

One of the best features that we loved with Rainierland Movies is the fact that they do not serve ads. It can be your best bet if you are looking for some older classic movies that you may have or already fall in love.

The service does work quite faster. There is no unnecessary waiting time involved. This service is completely dedicated to the movies and TV shows and has one of the vast databases among the similar apps and services.

The movie library is updated on a weekly basis. That would ensure that you have access to the latest titles and TV shows (and their most recent episodes) quite regularly. The lag free environment of the service lets you enjoy your favorite movies and shows without any interruptions and hurdles.

Watch Free

This is yet another interesting Movie portal for watching your favorite movies. In addition to movies, the service also has content in other genres that includes documentaries and TV shows.

WatchFree has its content well organized into two different sections meant for TV shows and movies. You can get your favorite movie reals faster as the titles are arranged in their respective genres that include classics, horror, thrillers, and drama among others. Just like 123Movies, this service too does not host the movies on its servers but gathers the links from the third party sources.

You need not sign up for the service to use its features. Just launch the site and enjoy whichever movie you would want to watch.


Well, in our search for the 123Movies alternatives, FMovies should be treated a gem in its own right. The service is quite fantastic and indeed one of the best in its genre. Don’t you want to know why?

The service impresses both from outside and inside. The looks and the manner in which the titles have been organized is further complemented by the flawless streaming quality that you experience. To begin with, there are no ads and that should be one of the most thoughtful gestures from the service. The portal has best in class filtering options so that you can arrange the movies in different categories like country, year of release and genre. You need not create an account for using its services.

FMovies can rightly be considered to be the right platform to watch movies in different languages with subtitles. In fact, it also allows you download videos for offline viewing.


This is yet another movie streaming portal that has grown quite popular over the past few years. However, the service is dedicated to TV shows and series alone. If you are a movie buff, you may have to skip this one.

In fact, CouchTuner has been considered to be one of the best when it comes to the regularly updated content library. Even if you are looking for the old shows and go nostalgic about them, this is an excellent option for meeting your needs. Yes, just like 123Movies and other services included in this list, CouchTuner too does not host the shows on its own server.

If you are a TV lover, CouchTuner is the one you should go for. We vouch for the quality of shows that you will be able to get hold of here.


If you are looking to watch latest movies in HD quality,  look no further than  XMovies8.  In addition to watching your favorite movies and shows on the portal, you may also download them for offline viewing.

You do not need to register yourself on the portal to be able to watch your movies. The movies and shows are arranged in such a way that you should find your movies real quicker. The interface and the looks are quite elegant. The movie library is updated at regular intervals. We assure you that you will never miss the latest titles with XMovies8. The service lets you stream your movies in quality based on your internet speed.

XMovies8 claims that it lists only the best movies on its portal. We would give it a thumbs up when in search for the best free movie streaming service.


In sharp contrast to CouchTuner, here is a site that specializes in movies alone. There are no TV shows hosted here. If you are looking for TV shows, look elsewhere.

The service claims to host more than 50,000 movies on its portal. However, please note that, like most of the other services listed here, TinklePad too does not host any of the shows on its own servers. All the shows are sourced from third party links. A few of the strengths of the service lie in the fact that it does offer you several benefits packed into one. Whether picking your favorite genre, or the quality of streaming, TinklePad excels with its high-end performance.

If you are a fan of classic movies, Tinklepad will not disappoint you at all. It hosts a range of classic films on its service. If you love vintage movies, here is your prime choice.


Possibly, there isn’t a movie lover who has not heard of Primewire. It has been a favorite movie streaming service with its excellent performance regarding streaming quality and the sheer strength of its movie collection.

There is a difference though in comparison to the other services that have been described in this article. You will need to sign up for the service to be able to use it. Just like 123Movies, Primewire lets you stream movies in HD. Please note that Primewire does not host movies on its server though – similar to the other movie streaming services we featured in this post. In fact, the service lists multiple links for shows so that if one of the links do not work for any reason, you can check out the others.

Apart from TV shows and movies, Primewire also lets you enjoy some music streaming as well. You can also download the content that interests you, in case you want to enjoy it offline.


If sophisticated looks for the movie streaming service is what you have been looking forward to, your search should end with Niter. The site is organized beautifully and excels with its interface.

The service is free to access. However, you will need to create an account on the site for streaming the movies and TV shows of your interest. The shows are regularly updated and this will ensure that you have access to the latest movies and TV shows real quicker. The service claims to update its library as soon as the movies are released. The interface is what we love most about this website. We can definitely claim it to be the most good looking compared to almost all streaming services listed here.

You also have the option of downloading your favorite shows with Niter. We would treat it to be one of the excellent, solely for the easy interface that it offers you when it comes to watching your favorite movies.

Afdah Movies

Afdah is comparatively of latest origin and has been around for quite some time. It has been a service that has been lesser known though it has a good reputation among some of its die-hard fans.

Just like 123Movies and other movie streaming sites that have been included in this collection of top Movies streaming services, Afdah too lets you enjoy your favorite movies through third party links. And yes, you do not need to register yourself on the service for the best ever movie experience. The interface is quite simple and easy to use. You can browse your movies using the default categorization, or filter them as per the year of release or the genre. You may also use the search box for picking a specific title. One of the added advantages is the fact that the service provides you the IMDB summary of the movie of your choice.

However, unlike most of the other movie streaming sites featured here, Afdah Movies comes with ads which can be quite annoying most of the times. What makes it even worse is the fact that the ads cannot be closed.

solar movies

SolarMovies is one of the most popular movie streaming services among the netizens. The excellent streaming quality is what makes it one of the prime choices for most of the movie buffs out there.

You need not create an account for watching your favorite movies on the service. That should be something every movie viewer would look forward to in any movie streaming service. The amazing interface will definitely make you fall in love with this movie streaming service. You should be able to find the movies of your choice by searching for them in the search bar. However, if you are undecided about the which movie to watch, there are several filtering options for you to zero in the movie of your preference. Some of the filtering options include genre, year of release, and the IMDB rating.

Yes, you do not have the downloading options though. SolarMovies lets you watch movies through streaming, but you will not be able to download them.

The Bottom Line

Well, the list of 123Movies alternatives as featured here should have presumably offered you an insight into the options you have regarding the best sites like 123Movies. Of course, 123Movies is your best choice when it comes to streaming your favorite TV shows and Movies or downloading your favorite shows for offline viewing. In an unfortunate event, if you find 123Movies is not working for any reason, or you are not able to find your favorite movie title in the catalog, you may be forced to look for the alternatives.

We do hope that the alternatives to 123Movies as featured in this collection would appeal to you. The ten movie streaming services listed herein can serve as your best options for the alternative movie streaming experiences.

On a side note, please note that the streaming movies and TV shows through the third party sources amounts to piracy and as such may be illegal in some regions. Check out the regulations in your area before opting for any of these services.

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