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The 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Gamers

10 Best Chrome Extensions For Gamers

Using browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari in vanilla mode is fine, but you have endless chrome extensions at your disposal that can make them much better, faster, safer and more fun. We are going to review the 10 best chrome extensions for gamers so that as a gamer you can get the best out of the hours you use on the web.

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Here is the List of Best Chrome Extensions for Gamers

1. Panic Button From HideMyAss

One of the essential extensions for any gamer. The panic button will allow you to hide all your open tabs in just an instant to protect them from the sight of anyone who passes by you. Many times we take advantage of a break at work to consult content that we prefer to remain in private, and, if this is your case, Panic Button is your best friend.

2. Invisible Hand

Invisible Hand will compare the prices of everything you are looking for in more than 600 stores all over the internet. Have you found your new Sony at a great price on Mediamarkt? Is it really the best price? Isn’t there another website that has them cheaper? Invisible Hand will search for you and notify you at the time of any other platform that has a better offer. You have rarely had a browser extension that works so well for you. You will appreciate it at the end of the month!

3. Meme Generator

What gamer doesn’t like memes? Share your best occurrences on Reddit or 9gag with the perfect meme thanks to Meme Generator. It has all the necessary templates and a simple interface for you to make your memes in just a few minutes. You can also use your own images to make your memes even more personalized and fun. But remember that you should not use photographs of your family or friends to make your memes without their consent!

4. Save To Pocket

Save to Pocket will easily archive interesting articles that you find online. Let’s face it, we often sail too fast and don’t have time to read everything that grabs our attention. Instead of accumulating an endless list of bookmarks in your browser, Save to Pocket will keep all these articles at your fingertips so you can read them later. In this way, you will better manage your time and you will be able to learn much more, with less effort.

5. HTTPS Everywhere

On more than one occasion you will have encountered an error in your browser that says that the connection is not private. This occurs because there are some websites that do not have an encrypted connection, which endangers your personal data. You can solve this thanks to the HTTPS Everywhere extension, which will guarantee an essential degree of encryption on each page you visit. If you are looking to robustly encrypt all your communications, remember that the best option to do so is always a VPN.

6. Cool Clock

Maybe you are spending too much time on the internet? Web Timer will allow you to better account for and manage your browsing hours. It offers clear statistics on how much time you spend on each type of website and will allow you to reorganize yourself to be more efficient when browsing. It is the perfect complement to another suitable extension like Cool Clock. Cool Clock will allow you to set alerts, schedule events, and control your times much better when browsing. So you can simply dedicate yourself to looking for the information you need and let this extension take care of your time for you.

7. Dashlane

The use of strong passwords is increasingly essential to be able to surf the internet safely, but how do you remember them all? It is impractical to have an endless list of independent 24-digit passwords for every website where you have an account. Dashlane will allow you to manage all these passwords in a secure way from a simple and manageable extension. Another alternative to Dashlane is LastPass, with similar functions and a clear and intuitive interface.

8. ScriptSafe

More and more websites use scripts that may not be safe for your team. Do you really want your browser to execute all the scripts that occur to each web you visit? ScriptSafe will warn you of every unusual script that may put your computer at risk and will keep it contained until you give it, or not, your express permission to run. It is a security extension compatible with any antimalware software that can save you more than a hassle.

9. FasterChrome

With this extension, we can speed up navigation in the browser. How is this possible? Well, the truth is that the magic behind FasterChrome is based on the browsing habits of users. Since, generally, when we click on a link, we hold the cursor over it for a few brief moments. In that thousandth of a second, FasterChrome takes the opportunity to start loading content in the background.

10. Poper Blocker

We now turn to a pop-up blocking service. Poper Blocker will help gamers deal with pop-up ads by automatically blocking annoying popups, in addition to the tabs that open in the background and overlays, those boxes that appear on the pages covering the content that interests us. In this way, we will notice a substantial improvement in the browsing experience with Chrome.

To find out chrome extensions for the distinct taste of interests that you hold, we recommend that you try new extensions from the chrome web store.

Perhaps we will look into more best chrome extensions for gamers and will update here soon. Thanks for passing by!!!

Ten Best Chrome Extensions For Gamers

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