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Video Marketing Strategy: 6 Tips to Stand Out

Video Marketing Strategy 6 Tips to Stand out

Successful video marketing strategy has become a central concern for brands and companies. But how to properly implement your video content marketing strategy? On social networks, we are witnessing a shift in user interest from images to video. A video message is easier to remember and it generates more comments, reactions, and 12 times more shares. Furthermore, More engagements will increase your publications’ organic reach due to the algorithm. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that videos are favored by different social networks.

Why Video Marketing?

1. Video is the most engaging content.

We tend to retain information better that is both read, seen, and heard. So the video is the content that generates the most engagement for several reasons. With an average duration of 1min30, it does mobilize the audience for long and quick attention. If the video is well-edited, the audience will watch it till the end. Video is attracting more and more internet users according to the reports. More and more people tend to watch videos every day. So why not make it part of your marketing strategy?

2. People’s attention span is decreasing.

With the advent of digital, screens and in particular smartphones and tablets, your customers are hyperconnected. They are also very volatile, victims of many distractions. So their attention span does not exceed 8 seconds. What does that mean concretely?

You only have 8 seconds to grab the attention of users and convince them to listen to you. How to do it? Use video marketing! If done well, the video has a longer attention span than any other ad format. Today, a video is said to be worth 1.8 million words.

3. Video can be shared widely.

Finally, it is easily shared and can quickly become viral. If we like the content, we will naturally share it with those around us and social networks. Secondly, many communication channels are available for you to distribute your creation.

Widely disseminating a video maximizes its visibility but also makes it profitable, which can be costly. The selection of channels will depend on your goals, the type of content, or the format of your content. The main channels available to you are:

  • Your website
  • YouTube
  • Social media
  • Your social networks
  • Email
  • Events such as trade fairs
  • Google ads

4. The video encourages the act of buying.

A video also helps push the act of purchase. If you want to promote your product, service, or brand, we recommend making an explanatory video. It should consist of explaining an innovation, a procedure, a new product, or a service. In that way, the user would have a global vision and a total understanding of your solution. Better informed, it is more likely to pass to the act of purchase.

For example, you can collect a filmed customer testimonial. The video highlights your product or service’s qualities and performance, which once again helps to convince your prospects. Your customers will be reassured and more confident to make their purchase. Suggested – Why Email Archiving Solutions is Important for Businesses?

6 Tips to Stand Out With Video Marketing Strategy

1. Define a clear goal for your marketing video strategy.

Imagine investing time and resources into a video campaign only to say to yourself, “was it really successful?”. It might sound like a caricature, but it’s a very common situation you could find yourself in if you didn’t set goals and metrics from the start. A few goal avenues that you could aim for: Are you aiming to increase your popularity?

In this case, a high number of views and engagements can be a good indicator of success. Are you aiming for more leads? So evaluating people who sign up may be the indicator of success you’re looking for. Do you want to retain your users? You can use the churn rate as an indicator. You can have other goals, of course. This list is not exhaustive or mandatory.

2.Tell stories.

From now on, Internet users who use stories can also decorate them by superimposing their photos and videos with all kinds of humorous, artistic, or offbeat filters. They can add geolocation tags, visuals or stickers, etc. The content is then published openly on Facebook and can also be posted on Instagram simultaneously if the accounts are linked. The story lasts for 24 hours.

Besides, the story can also be posted as a single video message to one or more contacts. These videos are generally in a very fashionable lifestyle style. It is about giving daily videos of the day. Originally derived from an image-based social network, Stories are generally more informal and relaxed than posts in the feed (especially on Instagram). The stories you post can provide people with very consumer-oriented content that deals with your day. Of course, there are different types of marketing videos.

Check out this list to better understand your options. For example, you can offer a behind-the-scenes look at your brand and projects. Stories are extremely ephemeral content; thus, the Internet user will not want to miss a moment of your business life and will perpetually come back to your stories. By keeping your stories authentic and real on a daily basis, loyal consumers are amazed at the closeness you allow them to you. As a result, they will come back for more.

3. Optimize your content for mobile devices.

We can see that videos are growing in importance every day. The video has the interest of relating reality and truth, especially if it is produced or shot live and instantly shared. Smartphones favor reading content (text, images, video, etc.) vertically. Of course, device rotation is possible and the content generally scales very well.

As the consumer is always in a rush, impatient, and consistently wanting to put in as little effort as possible, it is advisable to tailor your content for easy and effortless reading. So there is an increased demand for vertical videos optimized for the screens of smartphone users. Indeed, users prefer to watch vertical videos on their phones rather than horizontal videos. To properly optimize your produced videos for mobile devices, it is important to ensure that your videos are in the right format and the right dimensions.

4. Make accessible videos.

It is important to ensure that your video content is highly accessible to all consumers or your followers. So make sure that your content is as easy to watch as it is to listen to. The subtitling can be interesting for content that could momentarily be watched without the sound. To create more accessible videos, we recommend adding captions for anyone who is hearing impaired.

We believe that including a transcript in the caption can be a good solution. You should avoid content that flashes quickly on the screen because these techniques are too aggressive and annoyed, especially if they are viewing your content in a dark place on their mobile. We also recommend that you choose fonts that are easy to read and do not use more than two different types of fonts. Also Read – The 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Gamers

5. End on a Call-to-action

Finishing on a black fade is great for movies, but much less for video marketing. You can’t create a landing page without a Call-to-action. The same rule applies to videos. Always finish your videos with a request for your Internet users. But what action can you ask? It depends on the goals and metrics you have chosen.

If you want to increase people’s engagement with your brand, you can get them to watch more videos by asking them to subscribe to your channel and suggesting one or two more videos to watch. If you are targeting more leads, a Call-to-action at the end of the video can refer them to your sales pages.

6. Promote your videos

You may be familiar with the 80-20% rule. Applied to video marketing, you could spend 20% of your time producing your video content and 80% promoting it. Indeed, creating good videos is essential. But more importantly, you have to make sure they are seen! You should never tell yourself that you just post a video and the job is done. At a minimum, you must: share the video on your social networks, write a dedicated blog post, send the link in a newsletter, etc.


In a word, an incredible number of viewers are watching videos online today. Video marketing seems to be the best solution and a great opportunity to sell products and services. Do you want to get started in creating and producing video content for your business? We’ve listed the best video marketing tips to help you define your digital strategy. You can learn more video marketing strategies for your business. No matter how you add a video to your content marketing strategy, the payoffs are sure to be significant. Videos are more and more popular. Don’t miss out on the trend! Your audience is waiting for you!

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