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Business Prospects of Bike Sharing App

Uber has worked so well in the four-wheeled vehicles. It is therefore natural that it would work even better with the two-wheeled vehicle, leading to the development of the bike sharing app. People have now got a quicker option between short distances rather than walk or take a cab for a 5 min journey.

The reason why people prefer to opt for private vehicles instead of public transport is that with the former, people can reach their destination on the dot, while the latter brings up the problem of last mile connectivity. To encourage people to choose public transport over private vehicles, various initiatives have been taken to provide this last mile connectivity.

The latest in this campaign is the bike sharing app.The Bike-sharing app or two-wheeler sharing app has a modus operandi quite similar to a car-sharing app. However, it provides services usually for shorter distance with a focussed aim of providing last mile connectivity from a bus or train station to their exact destination.

In this article, we share as to how this app can prove to be an exciting business venture:

  • The disparity in demand and supply- Metropolitan cities see many people opting for public transport. However, no matter how top notch the quality of public transportation might be, last mile connectivity always remains an issue. Such an app could be a feasible solution to this problem. The area of this kind of bike sharing is somewhat unexplored and hasn’t attracted many key players. This might just be an exciting and attractive business proposal.
  • The answer to traffic woes- With traffic congestion going from bad to worse, especially in metro cities, city dwellers increasingly realize the importance of making environmentally sound commuting decisions. Such an app would enable commuters to opt for public transport without any hesitation. Thus, this kind of an innovative app encourages people to choose for public transportation by providing them last mile connectivity.
  • Affordable rides- Often when people have to commute short distance, going for a cab or even a shared cab ride seems to charge an exorbitant amount. This is where bike sharing comes into the picture. It enables commuters to travel short distances at really affordable prices, thus being easy on the pocket and the environment.
  • Requires less investment- It is pretty common knowledge that buying a bike is far cost efficient than buying a car. Thus, starting a bike sharing service would require far less investment and could last long if proper precautions and safeguards are employed.
  • The Wider territory of operation- Unlike cab booking or car sharing apps, bike sharing can expand its business operations beyond metro cities. A bike app would work just as well in tier II or tier III cities or maybe even more profitable than it would in metro cities. Smaller cities mean smaller distances from point A to point B which would make using a bike a far more feasible option.  
  • Aligning with the tourism industry- Tourists often prefer using bikes to explore a city as it gives them leverage to access territories which might not be accessible through a car or gives them freedom from parking woes. Thus, bike sharing can work in perfect sync with the tourism industry to enable tourists to explore a city as they wish to.
  • Student-friendly- A very obvious yet immensely popular location for operation of such an app could be on university campuses. Because of its affordable nature, an app is sure to gain brownie points amongst students who are constantly looking out for alternatives which enable them to save few bucks. Also, since students mostly use public transport for commuting, providing them last mile connectivity is a great idea.

Thus, a bike sharing app is an environment-friendly and pocket-friendly alternative to private vehicles usage. If brought into practice with the proper channel, it can fetch profitable results and can prove to be a successful business venture.

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